Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry

Our dentists are pleased to offer laser dentistry at Dental Health Center. Laser technology allows our team to perform various procedures more quickly and efficiently than ever before. This advanced technology also allows for precise dental techniques and measurements. To learn more about laser dentistry in Rexburg, Idaho, and to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ryan Smith or Dr. Scott Wilkes, call our office at (208) 356-9262 today!

Laser dentistry is helpful for patients facing dental challenges of all different types. This is a minimally invasive means of performing dental surgical procedures to improve patients’ oral health and reduce pain.

Laser technology is now used to treat cavities, a wide array of gum issues, and additional oral health challenges. This technology is used to remove tissues that have overgrown and also to reshape gums. In fact, laser technology can also be used to whiten the teeth. Kids love laser dentistry as it is nowhere near as intimidating as dental procedures performed with traditional dental instruments. 

Laser dentistry is also used to regenerate damaged nerves, treat gum disease, reshape gums, eliminate gum inflammation, identify concealed wisdom teeth, and even treat infections following root canal procedures. Opt for laser dentistry at Dental Health Center and you will find the procedure does not cause blood loss and does not require cuts, helps prevent infections, and results in minimal or even no damage that ultimately expedites the healing process. 

It must be noted that laser dentistry is not offered at all dental practices. This is precisely why we are so proud to use this innovative approach to dentistry at our practice. Ask around and you will find our patients experience minimal pain during and also after laser dentistry procedures performed at our office, ultimately making this technological breakthrough quite helpful for patients with all different types of oral health problems. 

To learn more about the benefits of laser dentistry, call Dental Health Center at (208) 356-9262 or visit our dental office located at 56 Professional Plaza, Rexburg, ID 83440.

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